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Land Title Registration

The bureaucracy and delays, that plague the land title registration process in the country is very frustrating and this is acknowledged by every land owner who has gone through the procedure. The process of getting your land title documents, verifying the seller’s title and having your own title documents recorded is bridled with so much red tape that, it will leave you gasping for breath; especially when you are not very familiar with the process and thus, do not know where to start from, what you must have, where to go next and where to end. The queries, the rejections, the money wasted and the back-and-forth that you would have endured alone can make the process last years.

Clockwork Realty is very aware of this problem and how crippling such delays are for investment and that is why we look to exonerate you from the stressing ordeal. We have staff that are dedicated to all title registrations and virtually live at the various commissions, departments and registries to follow up on all the processes and monitor their progress day-by-day.

Clockwork Realty uses its extensive knowledge of the system and familiarity with officials. You will be grateful to us for taking such a task away from you for such a nominal processing fee.

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